The New Tesla Roadster

I’m very impressed with the Tesla Roadster concept introduced yesterday (Nov. 16th). If Tesla can deliver on the claimed performance & range, all the sport car companies better start working on their own EV. Fortunately for them Musk says it won’t be delivered until 2020, which means it won’t be available until 2030 (or later).

But that isn’t what will kill or force Tesla to merge with another car company. Their exterior and interior designers aren’t particularly the best in the industry and buyers have overlooked that before because of the new technology. But what will happen when Mercedes, BMW, and our own US manufactures (Cadillac & Lincoln), really start pouring resources into the EV market. Will brand loyalty continue (a la Apple)? I doubt it. The Roadster is a great looking car, but better looking then what European, American, or even Japanese manufacturers will be doing soon? That is the $64,000 question.



Electric & Autonomous Cars

The Best Thing That Can Happen To Electric Cars Is What Happened To PCs In The 1990s

An interesting theory/suggestion article about standardization of electric and self-driving vehicles. I personally would of use the analogy of the internet – read below and you’ll understand why.

The propulsion system (batteries, motors, converter, controller) is not a major problem since they are fairly standardize already, if unofficially. Changing the design & retrofitting of highway & roads for lidar, radar, cameras would probably greatly accelerate EV & self-driving adoption more. But I’m not quite certain how that’s going to happen when there’s no funds (in the US, anyhow) to fix current infrastructures. In my not humble opinion, standardizing the charging of EVs should be the biggest priority right now since it’s desperately needed and fairly easy to implement.

With that said, I still want a flying car…