Electric & Autonomous Cars

The Best Thing That Can Happen To Electric Cars Is What Happened To PCs In The 1990s

An interesting theory/suggestion article about standardization of electric and self-driving vehicles. I personally would of use the analogy of the internet – read below and you’ll understand why.

The propulsion system (batteries, motors, converter, controller) is not a major problem since they are fairly standardize already, if unofficially. Changing the design & retrofitting of highway & roads for lidar, radar, cameras would probably greatly accelerate EV & self-driving adoption more. But I’m not quite certain how that’s going to happen when there’s no funds (in the US, anyhow) to fix current infrastructures. In my not humble opinion, standardizing the charging of EVs should be the biggest priority right now since it’s desperately needed and fairly easy to implement.

With that said, I still want a flying car…


Autonomous Cars and You

Discussion on Autonomous Cars by Consumer Report

This is a really good discussion for those who want to know a bit more about self-driving/autonomous cars. I thought I was well informed (hubris), but I realized after watching this video that I  hadn’t really considered the lack of standardization and lack of intuitiveness for these systems being a major problem.