The New Tesla Roadster

I’m very impressed with the Tesla Roadster concept introduced yesterday (Nov. 16th). If Tesla can deliver on the claimed performance & range, all the sport car companies better start working on their own EV. Fortunately for them Musk says it won’t be delivered until 2020, which means it won’t be available until 2030 (or later).

But that isn’t what will kill or force Tesla to merge with another car company. Their exterior and interior designers aren’t particularly the best in the industry and buyers have overlooked that before because of the new technology. But what will happen when Mercedes, BMW, and our own US manufactures (Cadillac & Lincoln), really start pouring resources into the EV market. Will brand loyalty continue (a la Apple)? I doubt it. The Roadster is a great looking car, but better looking then what European, American, or even Japanese manufacturers will be doing soon? That is the $64,000 question.



Video Killed the Moto Journalist

Recently, I’ve been focused on reviews of the new 2018 Harley-Davidson Softails on YouTube and I have to say that the worse reviewers are almost always the professional motorcycle journalist.  They use the same canned reviews that were scripted mainly to not offend the manufacturers and/or riders.  Come on, make some kind of effort, journalist.  It’s not that hard – just watch Matt Laidlaw, Motonewbrider, or Two Wheel Obsession reviews to see how it’s done.  There’s a reason they are getting so much more views than you.


The Five Stages of Grief

I’ve skipped the Bargaining Stage and currently stuck at the Anger and Depression Stages (of Grief). In case you haven’t heard – the Harley-Davidson brain trust has decided to kill the Dyna line.  First global warming… and now this.
harley low-rider

Priceless Adventure

Riding a new Dyna Low Rider S around the French coast with your buddy – does it get any better than that?  Okay, yeah, riding the California coast with your girl is better, but this is definitely a good runner-up.  This bloke, motonewbrider, make some of the best motovlogs on YouTube.

There’s Still Car Guys in Silicon Valley


I give a big thumbs up for the Saratoga (CA) Classic Car Show.  It’s had a large & varied selection of automobiles.  It’s nice to remember not everyone drives a Odyssey or a Tesla here in Silicon Valley (aka Santa Clara County).

There was a great selection custom and stock cars of different genres, but this 39 Ford really captured my eye.  Well, I should say a 39 Ford inspired car.  I doubt anything on that car was from 1939.  Which was okay, beauty is beauty.

Bear Grylls is Crazy

“Like I could survive off the land. I have trouble surviving with a supermarket and a 7-11 within 2 miles from me.” –Happy Jack

You kill me, Happy Jack, you really kill me 🙂  Personally, I consider “roughing it” when there’s no room service or concierge.

FYI: Happy Jack is the nom de guerre of a YouTube motovlogger that I enjoy watching. Here’s his link