The Five Stages of Grief

I’ve skipped the Bargaining Stage and currently stuck at the Anger and Depression Stages (of Grief). In case you haven’t heard – the Harley-Davidson brain trust has decided to kill the Dyna line.  First global warming… and now this.
harley low-rider


There’s Still Car Guys in Silicon Valley


I give a big thumbs up for the Saratoga (CA) Classic Car Show.  It’s had a large & varied selection of automobiles.  It’s nice to remember not everyone drives a Odyssey or a Tesla here in Silicon Valley (aka Santa Clara County).

There was a great selection custom and stock cars of different genres, but this 39 Ford really captured my eye.  Well, I should say a 39 Ford inspired car.  I doubt anything on that car was from 1939.  Which was okay, beauty is beauty.

No More Low Rider S

IMG_2832So, I was just at the Harley-Davidson Morgan Hill (CA) dealership and the salesman told me that there’s no Low Rider S for the 2018 model year. They’re still going to sell the regular Low Rider, but no S anymore.

Now, just to be clear, I don’t know that for a fact, but she seemed very certain about it. So if you want a Dyna with a 110 twin cam, you’d probably better hurry. The next “S” models will probably have the molarhead engines.

Update: Harley-Davidson actually killed off the entire Dyna line for 2018.