Electric & Autonomous Cars

The Best Thing That Can Happen To Electric Cars Is What Happened To PCs In The 1990s

An interesting theory/suggestion article about standardization of electric and self-driving vehicles. I personally would of use the analogy of the internet – read below and you’ll understand why.

The propulsion system (batteries, motors, converter, controller) is not a major problem since they are fairly standardize already, if unofficially. Changing the design & retrofitting of highway & roads for lidar, radar, cameras would probably greatly accelerate EV & self-driving adoption more. But I’m not quite certain how that’s going to happen when there’s no funds (in the US, anyhow) to fix current infrastructures. In my not humble opinion, standardizing the charging of EVs should be the biggest priority right now since it’s desperately needed and fairly easy to implement.

With that said, I still want a flying car…

No MENSA Members at Sena

So, I get another reply from the Facebook Social Media gal (or possibly guy) and this person still cannot understand Imperial Measurements and US Customary Unit measurements are different.  Then I had to explain that no one officially uses Imperial anymore, so Sena doesn’t have to provide it and just concentrate on US distance, lengths, weight on their website.

Or is this just a strategy to frustrate me and make me stop?  Either way, I’m not impressed by their workforce.  Their product is great and pretty much own motorcycle communicators but they’re too stupid or arrogant to just make a few changes.  The struggle continues…

Sena Hates America

Okay, so last Sunday, I sent Sena an email and politely requested they provide the distances on their bluetooth communicators and smart helmets on their website.  FYI: Sena makes the best motorcycle communication devices on the planet (but their company, not so much).  I thought it was a reasonable request, especially for a supposedly US-based company.   I got a reply email from a Josh Williams the next day.  We traded a few emails, and in the last one, I provided a link to the their main product page (see link below) that clearly shows that they don’t have the distances in U.S. Customary measurements.  Apparently, he didn’t see it or didn’t care, since he never replied again.  I really didn’t think that was an unreasonable request, and even if it was, it didn’t really merit rude behavior from Mr. Williams.

You suck, Sena