Author: dariocruz92

Softail Slim (Limited) Reviews

I just noticed that there’s quite a few YouTube reviews (link to my favorite) now on the new 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail, except for the Slim models. They look nicer than the Street Bobs but I’m not certain they’re $1,400 nicer for basically a Street Bob with footboards(IMO). Which makes me wonder if that’s why there’s not many video reviews of the ’18 Slim. Why review something if you have limited interest in buying one.

I do have to admit that those mid mount controls on the Street Bob & Low Rider aren’t in the best location. The 2018 models have an inch shorter frame and the pegs are 1″ higher than the Dynas. Which makes the new Softail’s mids feel cramped. But for 1,400 bucks, I’m sure plenty of buyers will get accustomed to them.



No Free Lunch… or Video Sharing

And yet another paid subscription service. It’s being to appear that free YouTube might be going the way of Hulu, or they’ll be curtailing the number of free content. I hope not; YouTube has replaced TV for me. It’s also probably become the most successful social network site that isn’t named Facebook. But Google has never actually made money on YouTube, so it’s understandable (even though I hate the thought) why they will possibly go in that direction. In the end, money talks and… you know the rest.


Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

If you haven’t already, then DO NOT UPDATE to iOS 11 if you have an iPhone 6 (and probably 7 too). The update is total crap and will drain your battery, slow down your speed, and cause a long list of other problems.  It literally runs like I installed a virus on my phone.  But I didn’t, or all the other people that posted in Twitter about the update are wrong also.

Once again: DO NOT UPDATE to iOS 11 or you will be sorry!

The New Tesla Roadster

I’m very impressed with the Tesla Roadster concept introduced yesterday (Nov. 16th). If Tesla can deliver on the claimed performance & range, all the sport car companies better start working on their own EV. Fortunately for them Musk says it won’t be delivered until 2020, which means it won’t be available until 2030 (or later).

But that isn’t what will kill or force Tesla to merge with another car company. Their exterior and interior designers aren’t particularly the best in the industry and buyers have overlooked that before because of the new technology. But what will happen when Mercedes, BMW, and our own US manufactures (Cadillac & Lincoln), really start pouring resources into the EV market. Will brand loyalty continue (a la Apple)? I doubt it. The Roadster is a great looking car, but better looking then what European, American, or even Japanese manufacturers will be doing soon? That is the $64,000 question.


Video Killed the Moto Journalist

Recently, I’ve been focused on reviews of the new 2018 Harley-Davidson Softails on YouTube and I have to say that the worse reviewers are almost always the professional motorcycle journalist.  They use the same canned reviews that were scripted mainly to not offend the manufacturers and/or riders.  Come on, make some kind of effort, journalist.  It’s not that hard – just watch Matt Laidlaw, Motonewbrider, or Two Wheel Obsession reviews to see how it’s done.  There’s a reason they are getting so much more views than you.