Author: dariocruz92

Video Killed the Moto Journalist

Recently, I’ve been focused on reviews of the new 2018 Harley-Davidson Softails on YouTube and I have to say that the worse reviewers are almost always the professional motorcycle  journalist.  They use the same canned reviews that were scripted mainly to not offend the manufacturers and/or riders.  Come on, make some kind of effort, journalist.  It’s not that hard – just watch Matt Laidlaw, Motonewbrider, or Two Wheel Obsession reviews to see how it’s done.  There’s a reason they are getting so much more views than you.



Priceless Adventure

Riding a new Dyna around the French coast with your buddy – does it get any better than that?  Okay, yeah, riding the California coast with your girl is better, but this is definitely a good runner-up.  This bloke, motonewbrider, make some of the best motovlogs on YouTube.

Bear Grylls is Crazy

“Like I could survive on the land. I have trouble surviving with a supermarket and a 7-11 within 2 miles from me.” -Happy Jack

You kill me, Happy Jack, you really kill me 🙂  Personally, I consider “roughing it” when there’s no room service or concierge.