Come on, Polaris! Listen to this Guy!

A really great video commentary from Shadetree Surgeon (YouTube motovlogger) about Polaris’ Indian and Victory divisions and expanding their product line.  Actually, he should’ve included all American motorcycles manufacturers about why they haven’t entered the dirt bike & adventure segment.  Harley-Davidson owns the cruiser market and always will, which doesn’t really matter since it’s a mature/declining market (unfortunately).

Watching the vid was like listening to myself (but with more verve & eloquence) grousing about the opportunity Polaris had with re-positioning Victory to be a more open to motorcycle design & engineering, and less a Harley without the H-D badge.  That’s a bit more difficult to do with Indian since it’s position & perceived as a traditional bike. It can be done but requires greater effort & resources then trying it with the Victory line.  I’m not suggesting any of that would’ve been easy or cheap,  However, trying to compete with Harley-Davidson in one (limited) market isn’t going to be any easier or even cheaper.

Here’s the YouTube link:


If You’re Rich as Heck, Give to Charity

Those words were recently uttered by Coach Popvich (see link below) in the New York Post. Because of that, I’m strongly considering switching my allegiances and going back to the San Antonio Spurs. The Warriors are a better team and will probably win the championship again this year. However, he reminded me there’s more to life then entertainment or winning. Words have meaning. Go, Spurs! Go, Coach Popovich!


Tesla Model 3 Sighting

I was just at the Tesla factory today and was finally able to see the new Model 3. The good news to waiting owners is that there were at least a hundred new 3s waiting to be shipped in the lot. It appears that you can get one before 2019, after all.

Here is a little advice: splurge a little on the wheels. The basic ones aren’t what you’d call attractive.  They sort of remind of the ones on the BMW i3, except wider.

And I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the car; the exterior is only slightly smaller than the Model S. It’s definitely not a compact like the Volt or Leaf, which is what I assumed from all the rumors about it.  Heck, you can pretty much call it a large size sedan. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see the interior well (the security shooed me off).  However, from my quick glance, I would say it’s only slightly smaller than the Model S.


Softail Slim (Limited) Reviews

I just noticed that there’s quite a few YouTube reviews (link to my favorite) now on the new 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail, except for the Slim models. They look nicer than the Street Bobs but I’m not certain they’re $1,400 nicer for basically a Street Bob with footboards (IMO). Which makes me wonder if that’s why there’s not many video reviews of the ’18 Slim. Why review something if you have limited interest in buying one.

I do have to admit that those mid mount controls on the Street Bob & Low Rider aren’t in the best location. The 2018 models have an inch shorter frame and the pegs are 1″ higher than the Dynas. Which makes the new Softail’s mids feel cramped. But for 1,400 bucks, I’m sure plenty of buyers will get accustomed to them.


No Free Lunch… or Video Sharing

And yet another paid subscription service. It’s being to appear that free YouTube might be going the way of Hulu, or they’ll be curtailing the number of free content. I hope not; YouTube has replaced TV for me. It’s also probably become the most successful social network site that isn’t named Facebook. But Google has never actually made money on YouTube, so it’s understandable (even though I hate the thought) why they will possibly go in that direction. In the end, money talks and… you know the rest.


The Bikini Wing

A YouTube commentator said I coined the terms “Bikini Batwing” and “Bikini-Wing” to describe the new 2018 Softail Sport Glide fairing.  I doubt I’m the first to describe it as that; but it would’ve been nice if I had been the first 🙂

In the end, I still haven’t reached the level where notoriety isn’t enticing. Sorry, Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs)

MY18.5 Campaign Imagery


Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

If you haven’t already, then DO NOT UPDATE to iOS 11 if you have an iPhone 6 (and probably 7 too). The update is total crap and will drain your battery, slow down your speed, and cause a long list of other problems.  It literally runs like I installed a virus on my phone.  But I didn’t, or all the other people that posted in Twitter about the update are wrong also.

Once again: DO NOT UPDATE to iOS 11 or you will be sorry!